Introduction To Thumb Position


Compositeur : Benoy-Sutton
Instrumentation : Cello
Édition musicale : Oxford University Press
Type de produit : Recueil
Nombre de pages : 16
ISBN : 9780193554672
Numéro d'edition : 9780193554672
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Introduction To Thumb Position

Pour Violoncelle

Editions OUP Oxford University Press


Contenu :

  1. Ah! Perfido Op 65 [Beethoven]
  2. Allegro from Sonata in B minor [Handel]
  3. Allegro from Sonata in F [Handel]
  4. Andantino from Flute Quartet in D [Mozart]
  5. Ave Maria [Schubert, Franz]
  6. Bagatelle Op 119 No 1 [Beethoven]
  7. Bist Du Bei Mir (Anna Magdalena Notebook) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  8. Bourée I and II from Suite in B minor [Bach]
  9. But Who May Abide (Messiah) [Handel, George Frideric]
  10. Country dance from Water Music [Handel]
  11. Cradle song [Schubert]
  12. Gavotte [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  13. Mailied Op 52 No 4 A Song of May [Beethoven]
  14. March (Scipio) [Handel, George Frideric]
  15. Menuet [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  16. Menuet from Suite in B minor [Bach]
  17. Menuetto and Trio from Divertimento No 1 [Mozart]
  18. Menuetto and Trio from Trio for Basset Horns [Mozart]
  19. Minuet from Almira [Handel]
  20. Minuet from Divertimento in D [Mozart]
  21. Molly's abschied Op 5 No 5 Molly's Farewell [Beethoven]
  22. Moment musical [Schubert]
  23. My heart ever faithful [Bach]
  24. Papageno's bell tune from The Magic Flute [Mozart]
  25. Polonaise from Anna Magdalena Notebook [Bach]
  26. Polonaise from Serenade Op 8 [Beethoven]
  27. Presto from Sonata in G minor [Handel]
  28. Romanze (Eine Kleine Nachmusik) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus]
  29. Rondo from Flute Quartet in G [Mozart]
  30. Rondo from Piano Sonata [Schubert]
  31. Rondo in F [Beethoven]
  32. Rondoletto [Beethoven]
  33. Scotch dance [Beethoven]
  34. Siciliano (Sonata For Flute No.2 In E BWV1035) [Bach, Johann Sebastian]
  35. Sonatina in Bb [Beethoven]
  36. The organ grinder [Schubert]
  37. The wild rose [Schubert]
  38. Theme from Impromptu in Bb [Schubert]
  39. Theme from Piano Sonata [Schubert]
  40. Village dance [Beethoven]
  41. Voi, che sepate from The Marriage of Figaro [Mozart]
  42. Waltz from Suite No 1 [Schubert]
  43. Would you gain the tender creature from Acis and Galatea [Handel]
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